SGSS School is a completely secular institution that instills into its students a deep regard for Indian traditions & customs. Students are free to practice any religion of their choice and the school celebrates all major festivals with equal joy and reverence. The school believes in exposing students to diverse faiths & beliefs, so that they may become responsible, cultured & dedicated individuals. SGSS School strives with vigor, to help students to be their best in academics, Sports & Character. Since children spend their formative years in school, the environment in which they grow up is of tremendous significance.

At SGSS School, we seek to develop a sense of values and strength in each student, and create an atmosphere of honesty, earnest effort, friendliness and humility, intellectual curiosity – essential for the unfettered development of young minds.

Value Education is an integral part of School routine, and is subtly instilled in the children through consistent interactions with Housemistresses, Class teachers and other members of Staff.

Once a week informal discussions on various issues of moral and spiritual significance are organized by the Director, Principal & Vice – Principal, as part of Value Education.


  1. Parents are not allowed to meet their ward(s) in school/hostel without the prior consent of the Principal.
  2. Children will be allowed to go for an outing only on the last Saturday of the month. Parents are requested to pick their child on the last Saturday After 3.30 pm. for the outing. The students who do not fair well in the regular exam/tests, will not fair well in the regular exam/tests, will not be allowed to avail the outing.Please note that the hostel children should report back to the hostel by 7.00 am. on Monday positively.
  3. Gate pass for Day/Night out or to meet your ward (s) can be issued by the concerned Warden.
  4. In case of emergency, the Warden may issue the gate pass on instructions of the Principal.
  5. When students are unable to return on time after weekends/holidays, a leave should be sent to the Warden by local guardians within 24 hours. Such leave will only be granted for medical reasons and a medical certificate should be submitted along with the leave application.
  6. If any student overstays his/her outing and returns late to the hostel, he/she will not be accepted by the Warden except for genuine medical reasons, only after the Principal’s permission.
  7. Student will not be permitted to leave the campus without gate pass with their parents/local guardian unless parents make a special request to principal to otherwise. Boys below std IX and all girls do not leave the campus without parents/local guardian.


  1. Students residing in the hostel need to make note of the following points and ensure strict compliance:
    1. Eating and keeping of eatables are strictly forbidden in the rooms and cupboards respectively.
    2. Students will not eat anything from the Tiffin of day scholars.
    3. Any case of illness should be immediately reported to the Warden.
  2. Students in the boarding house are medically examined by qualified and experienced doctors.
  3. Parents will be asked to take their child home in case of any contagious diseases like: Mumps, Conjunctivitis, Chicken pox, Measles, jaundice etc, or as per Doctor’s instruction.


  • A: Room Schedule
    1. A floor committee of the boarders floor captain and vice captain from each floor will be responsible for the maintenance of the cleanliness and discipline on each floor. The floor committee will ensure that fans and lights have been switched off.
    2. Boarders are provided with a bed, a cupboard, a table and a chair Each boarder must maintain utmost cleanliness to make sure that the floor under his/her bed and cupboard is clean Waste paper and refuse must be thrown in the dustbins provided on each floor and not litter on the floor.
    3. Boarders will make their own beds neatly every morning nothing should be left on the bed or under the bed.
    4. Cupboards must be arranged neatly surprise check will be made by hostel wardens any extra items other than those specified in the hostel kit will be confiscated. Shoes should be arranged neatly in the last shelf of the cupboards. The number of shoes is limited to four pairs. Boarders will dust their room a cupboard tops daily.
    5. Keeping eatables on the rooms is unhygienic and is prohibited. The floor committee must make sure that any boarder who litters the room or spills anything deans up the mess himself/herself.
    6. Boarders must spend the minimum time required in bathrooms and toilets to give other a chance to use them. They must ensure that the bathrooms and toilets after use are clean. They must also make sure that they close all the taps.
  • B: Visitors and Visiting Hours Schedule
    1. Parents and local guardians may visit their wards only on 2nd and last Sunday between 12:00 noon to 4:30 p.m.
    2. Visitors will meet their wards in the cafeteria/reception only; they are not allowed to enter the wings.
    3. A staff from the hostel will be on duly during visiting hours to guide visitors and parents.
    4. Outstation parents visiting their wards will have to take special permission from the hostel warden to see their wards on days other than specified for visits.
    5. In case of any emergency visits can be arranged with the concerned warden’s permission.
    6. One security guard will be on duty at their main gate to prohibit hostellers from leaving the school premises. He will keep a record in a register of visitors entering the school premises to see hostel students.


The school store will be opened at fixed timings and will also provide items of daily use. The things will be issued on particular days, after the requirement slip being forwarded by the Warden. All purchases will be billed to the parents.