Robotics Lab.

The School has associated with Next Education for the Robotics Labit is being widely used all over the world to make education for engaging and holistic. Next Robotics is a solution, offering a holistic empowerment program for a child. It aims to develop core life skills in a student along with helping him or her to integrate and apply STEM learning in order to solve real problems.

The core of the solution is its pedagogy and its enablers – a modular robotics platform and visual programming language. It places the student at the center of the program and empowers the student with the requisite knowledge. The hardware and software gives the students the flexibility and creative freedom to approach the any problem with infinite solutions.

Physics Lab.

Our school has established its best Physics lab which provides facilities to the students to conduct various activities related to the practical, experiments and projects, which also help them to understand theory more effectively. The lab has equipment’s and apparatuses which are used to understand concepts and methods of measurement with the accuracy by the students. The wave formation and propagation phenomena involving reflection and refraction of light, properties of metal, magnetic effects of electric current, semi-conductor devices etc. are measured and related equipment’s to this effect have been established in the Physics lab. Various activities and projects are done by the students under the proper guidance of the concerned teacher.


Chemistry Lab.

Chemistry lab has established in the school keeping in view of the standard of students of Senior Secondary level. The lab has equipped with the equipments and apparatuses which are required for doing experiments and practical related to the syllabus of the students. The teachers pay special attention to motivate and encourage to the students for innovation of ideas and thoughts to do the project related to their course.

Biology Lab.

Lab is a place where various experiments and practical are carried out based of new thoughts and ideas. On the basis of thoughts of group of students or an individual student projects are prepared in case of any difficulty in the work process; it can be solved out with the help of teacher and students. Our lab is providing facilities, equipments and apparatuses to students as per the requirement to complete their practical with their enthusiasm.


Science Lab. (especially for Jr. & Middle Students)

Science Lab, it is an innovative solution for learning science that lives up to the true meaning of a Lab, where experimentation, innovation and experience form the key to learning.

The School has associated with Next Education for Science Lab; it is a workplace for the conduct of scientific research. It helps students to remember the concepts better and to transfer the experience to real-life situations. It is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments and measurements may be performed.

SGSS School has the best-designed, spacious, sophisticated and safe Science laboratories. These labs are equipped with the most modern apparatus which encourage students to learn through experiment and research work.

Social Science Lab.

The school has its Social Science Lab. consisting various modules of the structure of the earth. The pocket stereoscopes, globe, political and weather maps of our country and world, aerial photographs with laminated photo sheets are available in the lab to enhance the knowledge of students.


Language Lab.

In an English medium school, it is essential to establish English language lab to succeed or exist in the present scenario of the globalization. English language lab is important to acquire proficiency in English to handle the challenges in future with confidence. Keeping in view of this fact and to achieve this objective, our English language lab has come up with absolutely extra ordinary learning programme, which prepares learners to be prefect in English language.

The school has paid special attention in designing the programme keeping in mind the education requirement of learners of every grade to understand the language and its fundamentals in a very interesting environment. It provides best modules in term of continuous evaluation, and the latest methodology of teaching. Learning the English language step by step process through the modules which help learners to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Mathematics Lab

The school has its Maths lab where the school has collection of models related Mathematics, puzzles, games, teaching aids and other materials to carry out various activities by the students to learn the Mathematics, which are very informative too. Students learn many activities in the lab. In case of problem the teacher remains available to solve the problem in the easiest way.