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We believe in providing engaging and stimulating environment for young learners


SGSS School believes in the uniqueness of   each child, thereby fostering holistic  development through integrated learning opportunities. Our philosophy is based on the constructivist approach where the learners are actively involved in their learning in a self-governing environment. Learning experiences are interactive, student-centred, and knowledge acquisition progresses from the known to the unknown, from the concrete to the abstract, and from all things local to those global.

The teachers are aware of each student’s emotional, social, psychological, and physical development as well as their cognitive growth. They provide a motivational framework for each learning opportunity. A learner at Shri Ganesh Sr. Sec. School develops a global perspective and life skills to help and excel in his or her desired field and becomes a lifelong learner.





The SGSSS approach honours the development of the child as a whole intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially across ages. It also recognizes that all children are intelligent and capable learners and will develop across and within these developmental areas in unique and individualized ways.




Since children learn in different ways and learn better if learning experiences are interconnected or intergrade, our curriculum is suitable for them. It is theme based and investigates ideas from multiple perspectives. Our themes combine different areas of learning and become catalysts for developing concepts, skills and attitudes while relating this learning to real life.

KIDS Activity   |   KIDS Pic.