Important Updates

COVID - 19


Dear All,
Today we are passing through a crisis due to the spread of COVID -19 in the country and across the globe. Furthermore, it has developed into a global pandemic mainly due to non-availability of a known drug for treatment. It is not a time to undergo stress but need to have a clear understanding of the mode of spread of the said virus. 

It is imperative that we all are getting sufficient information in this regard from various means of social as well as other forms of multimedia, and also through the institute on the directives from the concerned Ministry on Do's and Don'ts in this regard.

SGSS has also taken the initiative of handling the current crisis, through a special senate, by advancing the summer vacation until the end of May. We  have a few points to remind all the residents of the campus, students, staff, parents and all connected to the organisation, directly and indirectly, based on a few observations in the past weeks, that the some persons have not really understood the seriousness of the pandemic in a true sense. There is a conspicuous lackadaisical approach by some of them. Complacency in respect of a global pandemic like Corona is not appreciated, therefore it is essential that each and everyone to remain alert and cautious.

Don't underscore the great dangers of COVID-19. Let us all understand that it spreads from one to one and the most important factor in preventing the
spread of the virus is to empower SGSSians with right information and taking precautions as per the advisories. In fact it is more advantageous to overreact to the crisis and follow the directive to the last word. This is indeed a fluid situation and decisions and advice could change rapidly and therefore please read the directives circulated through the mail time to time, as we receive.

We want to appeal to the entire community that if any person or their relatives/family members have returned from abroad on or after 1st March 2020 the concerned person(s) are strictly advised to visit the institute Health Care Centre (HCC) immediately and take necessary advice from the medical officer HCC. They are also suggested to submit their travel history to the Medical Officer, HCC during the time of medical check-up. Further, we are requested to observe home-quarantine as per the guidelines issued by the MoH&FW, Govt. of India.

Let us cooperate with the medical personnel of HCC while being thankful to their services. We only can contain the spread by breaking the chain of community spread. Stay home, Stay safe and Stay fit and happy. Remember "Sooner we decide to remain home, sooner we step out of the house".