Co-Curricular Activities

The Shri Ganesh Sr. Sec. School accomplishes all that which nourishes and flourishes a child’s brain. We guide students to develop their own hobbies and co-curricular interests and then help them achieved exterity over the same. For the multidimensional development of mind, we include a generous, spread of Sports, Dramatics co-curricular, activities ranging from art, craft, yoga, Aerobics etc. and to motivate and develop a healthy competitive and sporting spirit amongst the students, they have been divided into Four Houses. Several Inter House activities like debates, Recitation, Quiz, Sports activities etc. are held every week in which the students fiercely vie with each other in a bid to score points for their House.

Educational Tours (Excursion)

The school plans picnics and educational tour for the students. They are taken to historical places, museums, factories, research institution to give them a firsthand knowledge.

Excursions and Activities

An annual excursion is organized for students for every academic session. Further, the school organizes planned visits to various places to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.SGSS School believes very strongly in the educational value of well planned visits and is a firm supporter of outdoor education. An educational trip is an off-campus learning activity that brings excitement and adventure to learning. A well planned field trip is an ideal way to introduce new skills and concepts to children, reinforce ongoing lessons and influence the learning potential.

The school outings are driven by:

• Curriculum

• Life Skills

• Outdoor leadership skills

SGSS believes very strongly in the educational value of well-planned visits and is a firm supporter of outdoor education. An educational trip is an off-campus learning activity that brings excitement and adventure to learning.

Elegant Swimming Pool

The School management of SGSS School is the best residential school in Sidhi / M.P./ India constructed a Swimming pool for the use of students keeping in view their proper physical development by swimming exercise. Swimming is a well recognized sports which may be helpful in case of emergency also. While constructing the swimming pool all possible safety provisions and hygienic arrangements were kept in mind.

The following steps are taken for the safety of the student and for proper running of the swimming pool:

• Water Level is maintained strictly according to height of the swimming pool and in no case it is more than ¾ of the height of the users.

• It has been fenced from all side and gate of the pool is opened only after the permission of the principal.

• No one can enter the swimming pool without the guidance and supervision of the instructor who leads the student to the swimming pool. Separate batches of swimming are arranged for boys and girls in various sections.

• There is a provision of supply of clean hygienic and purified water which is drained out in time.

Days have been fixed for the use of swimming pool by different classes. Scarlet colour swimming suit has been prescribed both for the boys and the girls.


Music is an integral part of our curriculum. The students learn both vocal and instrumental music in the School Music-Hall where music concerts are held.

SGSS School provides training in a variety of disciplines in music and dance which the children have freedom to choose from. They can opt for Indian Classical- Kathak ,Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Indian folk , Western dance and fusion. The musical instruments include drums, tabla, congo, dholak, naal, bongo, guitar, harmonium and Casio synthesizer. In vocal there are Western, Hindustani classical and light fusion to choose from. The school has dedicated and gifted teachers in the faculty to ignite and sustain the creative spark in the students. The universal language of music and dance forms helps students from across communities to bond and provides the perfect nutriment for the mind, body and soul.

Meaningful Cultural and Social Service Activities

The spirit of service and the poise of labor are inculcated through meaningful Social Debates, dramatics and a value based morning assembly that emphasizes the School’s secular approach and influences students to understand and enjoy India’s rich heritage and culture. Visit to old age home, orphanage etc.enable children to realize how fortunate and blessed they are. Donation in the form of daily requirement like medicines clothes etc. inculcates in them the spirit of sharing and giving.

Personality Development Session

An individual’s personality is an aggregate conglomeration of decisions one makes and will make throughout his life. Apart from knowing the chapters of the text books, a child must also know how to present himself against the hard faced competitive world.

Special Coaching

Certain subtle tricks and tactics of some subjects. The Shri Ganesh Sr. Sec. School has its very own Expert cell. Several other experts of academics and arts are invited the school regularly to train our students.

Games & Sports

Physical activities play an essential role in the holistic development of students. It not only keeps them fit but fosters to their physical, social and emotional health. Along with catering to their physical and mental fitness it teaches them group commitment, team work, individual discipline and helps them create an apt attitude towards life in general.

We, at SGSS School, firmly believe in all round development of our students and thus we emphasize equally on both academics and co-curricular activities. We envisage a system which aims at a multifaceted flowering of the child's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual personality.

Well structured sports program and modified games guided by expert coaches at SGSS helps children develop fundamental movement skills and develop gross motor skills exclusively for the pre-primary kids. To ensure regular participation of students in different sports, we have made games curriculum a part of our educational process.

The games offered are:

  • • Taekwondo-do
  • • Table Tennis
  • • Chess
  • • Basket Ball
  • • Badminton
  • • Volleyball
  • • Cricket

Art & Craft

Art is the best medium of self expression. It brings about the harmonious development of a child’s personality.

Arts and Crafts for Kids

Arts and crafts are great for learners of all ages. With a wide range of decorative, and scientific arts and crafts activitieswe help the students to find lots of ideas to explore and get inspired.

The intention of the SGSS School is to create a change in the mind-set of human beings and a change in the human psyche. To attempt this child has to be brought up without coercion, fear, reward- punishment. It is in such an environment and in the midst of bountiful nature that human beings can understand freedom from fear, desire and ignorance.

Art and Craft program connects creativity and innovation at an early stage of children’s development. The program is designed to build skills, develop competencies and provide resources that support creative learning for our students. Most importantly, it gives children the chance to use their imagination.

Following programmes are executed at SGSS School, Sidhi (M.P.):

  • • Painting as participatory activity
  • • Painting as subject for exams
  • • Wood work
  • • Sculptures – in stone, wood, ceramics, metal, paper etc.
  • • Thread work – big loom, small – loom, embroidery, macramé etc.
  • • Paper – craft, paper mache puppets etc
  • • Dance – in various forms of classical, folk and contemporary
  • • Theatre – as an art by itself and also as an integrating process of various art forms, languages, history, mythology, science and fiction.
  • • Vocal music – as participatory activity and also for examinations
  • • Tabla - a north Indian drum for solo and as an accompanying musical instrument