Digital Smart Class Rooms

We (Shri Ganesh Sr. Sec. School, Sidhi) are the First school in Sidhi to have Computer Aided Teaching and Learning through Smart Class using Plasma Screens with Smart Assessment System (SAS ) in all the classes.

SAS is an unique tool which instantly allows teachers to assess and evaluate the learning achieved by students. The system is designed for the students to answer Multiple Choice Questions in the classroom. Students answer the test appropriate methodology. The data pertaining to each child is stored and the application allows the teacher to generate a wide range of reports with respect to the whole class and also for each individual student. The SAS will benefit students in the long run by increasing their speed and mental alertness during examinations.

Smart Class is a highly interactive computer based aid which makes lessons come alive. Through the Smart class program teachers use digital resources such as Animation Clips, Videos, Diagrams, Maps, Graphs, Working models, Computer based simulations etc. from the vast repository, while teaching the chosen topic in the classroom enabling students to acquire a faster and a better understanding of the concepts taught. Through the internet teachers connect to information resources far beyond the physical confines of the classroom and bring the virtual world within the walls of the classroom thus exponentially increasing the knowledge base for practical use in teaching and learning.

Science Laboratories

With the availability of the new apartment all the laboratories-physics, chemistry, biology, maths and social science are being furnished with all modern amenities to give students the most in depth understanding of all the science subjects.

Laboratory experiments play an important role in Science education and accordingly laboratories have been give a central and distinctive role in SGSS School. In addition to performing curriculum related experiments students also work on special projects in the laboratory.


Physics Laboratory

Our physics laboratory is a modern one and well equipped to cater to the requirements of classes 7 and above as well as for the specific requirements of the CBSE course. The examinations in physics practical’s have been held in our lab ever since the inception of the CBSE course in our school.

Apart from the strictly academic requirements of public examinations, our lab also has quite a few apparatus for demonstration purposes. Our lab can accommodate up to about 50 students of Std 10 level or about 40 students of Std 12 level at a time.


Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry laboratory at SGSS School is one of the best among the schools in Sidhi. It is a large room with many windows opening. This coupled with the exhaust fans ensures that the different gases that may be given off during the experiments do not affect the students working inside.

The laboratory is occupied by sufficient no. of large tables, which have the Bunsen burners and the shelves containing the necessary reagents. There are sinks placed at different places and these are easily accessible to all students. The good utilization of the space sees that many students can be carefully accommodated in the laboratory.

The laboratory has a small enclosure where chemicals are stored and many cupboards all over to store the apparatus used by the students.

The gas cylinder that supplies to the laboratory’s Bunsen burner is kept outside to room as a precaution against accidents. However in case some accident takes place; a fire extinguisher is kept on the premises.

An attendant is always present who helps the students in gathering their apparatus.

All these excellent facilities help the students to practically and successfully carry out the experiments, which they learn about. Thus increasing their interest in the subject while instilling in them the joy of learning.


Biology Laboratory

Keeping in mind the growing importance of Biology in the world of Science, SGSS offers its students, one of the best Biology Laboratories in Sidhi, to inculcate in its youth the zeal to know more about the Science of Life.

To cater to the needs of the CBSE students, the laboratory is well stocked with bottled specimens ranging from tapeworms to models of various organ systems, laminated charts and other visual aids to enable students to understand biological concepts more clearly. Specimens of butterflies, nests, bird’s eggs and an aquarium add to the beauty of the laboratory, while the human skeleton provides a strong backbone to higher zoological studies.

"Under the guidance of the school's Biology teacher students are encouraged to observe the microcosm through slide preparations". The laboratory is also equipped with permanent slides of a variety of organisms, tissues and cell processes which help students appreciate the structural and functional complexities of life.