Bloomz is the youngest entity of the SGSS Family. Colorful, pulsating and full of activity, the school for toddlers-in the age group of 2.5-3 years showcases happiness in its most vibrant form. A home away from home, Bloomz is a culmination of care and creative talent.


At BLOOMZ, children are nurtured in a truly comfortable and natural learning environment. More than morals, efforts are made to inculcate good habits among the tiny tots. They are engaged in playful games and are taught counting, sizes and shapes.

Eligibility – Children in the age group of Two Year Five Months to Three Years (by 1st of July) will be eligible for Bloomz.

An exclusive learning environment for early bloomers where they get to realize their complete potential. The infrastructure supports your kids to unleash their creativity and innate skills in a free and spirited way. Learning is fun with the overall blooming of the child to transform them into future citizens.


• Fosters brain development and smartness.
• Develops educational preparedness
• Inculcates a lifelong love for learning
• Creates promptness in applications
• Improves concentration levels
• Ensures ability to work independently and in group
• Enhances listening and speaking skills
• Provides experimental learning instead of memorization
• Improves performance in school
• Helps in forming a positive attitude towards learning
• Provides situations for social, emotional and spiritual development

At Bloomz, children are provided a comfortable yet stimulating environment to develop their curiosity and skills. The School has a specially developed flexible curriculum to accommodate the individual strengths of each child. Its concept of Learning Centers lays stress on learning by doing.


The foundation stage is about improving skills in co-ordination, manipulation and control. Practical life activities and manipulative play help to develop motor skills, development control and co-ordination of movement, sense of order, independence, concentration, responsibility of self and environment, good work habits, attention and positive self image

Learning through senses: As children learn faster through their senses, they are involved in activities that stimulate their learning senses.
Mathematical Inputs: Mathematics material is designed to give the child a sound understanding of the concepts of numbers.
Language Stimulus: Language Stimulus session puts the spotlight on communication skills.


A lively environment helps the child gain knowledge and understanding of the world around him/her.


A music-and-movement programme develops rhythm and co-ordination in the child for self expression.


This enables children to use their imagination. It builds confidence, encouraging co-operation and intervention amongst themselves. It offers a wider knowledge of their dresses and of people who help in the community.


Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. Being creative enables children to make connections between one area of learning and another, allowing children to extend the frontiers of their learning. Parents are encouraged to participate in the development of their child’s language and communication skills.

• The School encourages shared story time.
Just Dance: Encourages children to have fun through dance and energetic singing- a long session where everyone participates with their nuances & bodies.