Academics Archive


The SGSS School’s academic ethos focuses on encouraging the students to utilise their talents, and develop their intellectual and creative interests so that they remain interesting and interested for the rest of their professional and personal lives. The students need to understand their own culture and history, as well as their own geographical, scientific and spiritual theory and language. The school’s academic environment is constructed such that the students are able to develop their knowledge and interest in the different areas around the global world in which they are born.

Students at The SGSS School are expected to be independent thinkers, develop first class critical reading, writing and analysis skills, learn to understand the value of research across all areas of the curriculum and be self-motivated and self-driven through a genuine love of the subject and not only by intrinsic rewards. Students should be aware of other students’ weaknesses and strengths and be able to develop an understanding for them. Service and an understanding of each other’s cultural backgrounds and religions is a crucial aspect of academic and wider life at The SGSS School.


The school has a test week each term and end of term examinations. The results of these appear on each student’s report card which is available to their parents. The report also features a detailed look at each student’s co-curricular interests and achievements. Full reports are provided in each term. At the termly PTM’s parents receive a detailed progress on their wards individual subject choices and also his/her wider emotional and physical development. There is also an academic system of warning students about under performance as well as achievement and effort prizes given through the year and culminating at the school’s Annual Prize giving. Tutors meet the students several times a week in their very small tutor group, where academic progress and individual and group advice, study skills, mentoring and support are given. Parents also are able to get message from their wards individual subject teacher for advice and support. There is a clear communication structure laid out in the termly calendar which shows who parents should contact about what aspect of their wards performance.


The SGSS library has been refurbished and re-stocked in recent years and the school is committed to ongoing investment in print books and digital technology like e-book sources and resources. There is ample space for research and reading. WiFi connection enables the students to access their laptops within the building. The library has been designed to provide the students with a quiet and purposeful atmosphere for study and intellectually creative thought.

Students are able to use the library throughout the term and there are regular book fairs and meetings of the Library Council attended by students and masters to discuss the development of our library resources, such as book requests, Newspapers and periodical publications, and reference material. There are also departmental libraries to support the work and resources of the SGSS Library.

The SGSS Library aims to do the following:

  • • Support the educational aims of the school by making the library central and integral to the independent learning processes within the school.
  • • Provide a service which will enable students to become more responsible for their own learning and prepare for their development of their research and study skills.
  • • Enrich students curricular experiences by providing appropriate resources. Knowledge of the curriculum enables staff to purchase relevant resources, and provide an environment that is conducive and will encourage divergent and reflective study.
  • • Arrange workshops and talks by writers and illustrators which will inspire, enthuse and entertain students.