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Welcome To S. G. S. S. School

The Shri Ganesh Senior Secondary School (with CBSE Affiliation No. 1030359) striving for excellence with an Indian fragrance, is one of the elite schools, in the city of Sidhi situated at a magnificent location Padra, it has a sprawling, pollution-free and an eco-friendly campus spread over 12 acres of land. The magnificent school building has been designed with great care to suit the purpose of enjoyable learning, with spacious, well-designed, subject-oriented classrooms letting in plenty of natural light and air. The school offers a peaceful and conducive atmosphere for the pursuit of excellence in academic as well as co-curricular activities.

The SGSS School (which is promoted & managed By SHRI GANESH SHIKSHA SAMITI, SIDHI) was a vision of these great stalwarts and they founded this temple of learning with an aim to build a strong, young generation with a sound mind and physique, with habits and accomplishments conducive to a fuller, purposeful and noble life, so that each student blossoms into an integrated personality. The school provides each pupil with opportunities for developing his or her individuality through activities, which will promote an integrated outlook. In addition to this, each pupil is encouraged to develop habits, knowledge and interests, necessary for achieving the noble ends of life. With this aim, the school constantly strives for spiritual development, by providing an appropriate religious and a cultural environment. It also aims at bringing out the talents and capabilities resulting in well-balanced, smart and confident individuals.

Vision :

We aim to be a premier educational institution which develops the human resource for our dynamic and expanding community, the state, the nation, the region and the world at large. Through our institutions, we will cultivate all round development of qualities in a student. We are also working towards setting up our own Universities to continue the excellence in education that we are known for.

Mission :

We set sail therefore to further propel the strong foundations of our vision upon which we base our objective.

• Developing the student's capabilities from a global perspective by instilling self-confidence in order to be able to contribute to community life, build tolerance & accountability.
• A student with knowledge, attitude, skills, social and moral values which enhances their personality development, physical and psycho-social capabilities. These qualities are effectively achieved through professional coaching in sports, creative and personality enhancement activities.

The KASSM Approach :

"Education can bring back on track any deviated affair and change the course of the world for the better."

The SGSS way is defined as KASSM: Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Social and Moral Values.

To make the world a better place is what we aim to develop in SGSS students. Our approach therefore is to impart education and create a renewed sense of enlightenment. The magnitude of which is well capable of establishing an individual's development to the highest level. The KASSM approach is a means that has become a guiding example, using the concept of learning out of its old conditioning. We take this concept forward by the gradual unraveling of one's inner potential through the right mix of academia and other related activities for enriched living.

Director’s Message

My heart fills with immense pleasure as I perceive the progress being made at Shri Ganesh Sr. Sec. School. The seeds of an idea sown in 2008 have quickly come to fruition, and the school is growing into strong sapling. It is the Endeavour of the Shri Ganesh Group of Institution to make the academic like, a smooth journey full of joy and discovery.

Every child is like a seed which has the potential to grow if it is nourished with love and care under the right guidance. In the current challenging times it is essential that children should not only excel in academics but should also develop courtesy, discipline, smart personality, social sensitivity and be imbibed with the traditional values and culture of our country. Childhood is the best time to lay the foundation of the core values essential for the overall development of the future citizen of tomorrow.

SGSS School is a friendly school where each and every student is understood, valued and attended too. Our students are provided with the state of the art facilities like well-equipped science laboratory, computer laboratory and audio visual room. Equal attention is given to the development of the children both academically and in extra-curricular activities like different sports, yoga, cultural activities, etc.

Today we stand as one of the noted educational landmarks in the heart of Sidhi. At SGSS School we are dedicated to exhaustive quality learning and are utterly committed to a continuous process of improvement for the benefit of the students. We are always open to refreshing views and suggestions which can add more value to the students of our school.

Mr. Neeraj Sharma, Director, Shri Ganesh Group of Institution

Manager’s Message

It is a matter of pride to pen down the message for the Website of SGSS School.

It is my happy privilege to write a short message for the Website of SGSS School, this magnificent citadel of knowledge and education in our beloved city Sidhi. We live in a world of amazingly fast, instant and high-speed exchange of information and knowledge.

The school gives opportunities to each and every student to show his/her hidden talent in the field of acting, dancing, singing, art and craft and declamation. The school actively prepares the students for the future challenges and career related competition. It builds a solid foundation of students to excel in every field of life. We welcome all those who aspire to be Shri Ganeshians (students of the school). The staff is committed to train the students to be morally strong and socially responsible.

I extend my warm wishes to the Principal, Staff and Students of SGSS School to continue this journey on the road of excellence.

MR. ARUN OJHA, Manager, Shri Ganesh Group of Institution

Administrator’s Message

SGSS School aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where gifted and talented students are encouraged to explore their potential and achieve their personal best in all aspects of school life. Students will be challenged and engaged through authentic learning opportunities that inspire them to develop creativity, confidence and resilience to become independent and ethical life-long learners.

We offer a broad curriculum and a range of opportunities for all our students to achieve excellence in academic, creative, social, cultural, sporting and community endeavours. We value collaborative learning, positive relationships and building capacity amongst our students to effectively allow them to engage in the world of the future, where problem solving, evaluating, working in teams, communicating, creating and innovating are not only valued concepts, but expected skills, attributes and capabilities.

We value relationships and connections with the community. We encourage our students to develop respectful relationships with their peers, teachers and the broader community. We are proud to be a high performing school and aim to be the selective school of first choice for all families within our community.

Our students intelligent, resilient, creative, imaginative, disciplined, dedicated to life-long learning, respectful and ethical. They are the future leaders and role models of society.

I welcome your feedback as we work together towards success in our journey to ensure all scholars achieve at their maximum potential. Please take a moment to peruse through our site to get a sense of our pledge to providing the best education possible to our scholars whereby creating life-long learners. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact our school.

Mr. H.S.Pandey, Administrator, Shri Ganesh Group of Institutions

Principal’s Message

It is a great privilege and distinct honor to be a part of the Shri Ganesh Sr. Sec. School which is emerging to be one of the best in the area. Growing to touch the new horizon physically and intellectually the school is shifting itself in a new hi-tech level building which has no match in the region. The school is fully equipped with all the modern facilities for the students. It has unique and modern infrastructure. The school is well equipped with all the facilities of indoor and outdoor games. The SGSS envisions a dynamic, robust, vibrant and all-round development holistic school education that will engender excellence in each and every sphere of human endeavour. The school is committed to provide quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among its learners our school works to words involving a learning process and environment which empowers the future citizen to become global leaders.


It is a dream of each and every parent to see his child at the zenith whether in educational or in professional life. We believe that the future of our country is in education and we believe that only the best quality education should be afforded to children. Help us to build this future.